The college offers an undergraduate/graduate program leading to a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.Sc. Nursing) degree. 
Completion of the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.Sc.) degree prepares beginning professional nurses who possess the theoretical foundation and the clinical competence to function in various healthcare settings. The graduate is prepared to deliver nursing care services to individuals, families, population groups, and communities.

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing prepares students to think critically, make decisions and function effectively in their interpersonal and team surroundings. The general education courses in biology, social science, and humanities provide a strong foundation for the nursing theory and clinical/experiential courses. Nursing graduates are prepared to understand and respond to the vast and changing healthcare needs of individuals and communities in society.

Career in B.Sc. Nursing course is extremely rewarding. In today's fast track life everyone wants quick and right diagnosis along with best nursing care.
In other words B.Sc. Nursing qualified person finds gainful employment here & abroad m:

  1. Get employment in Government Hospitals, Army, Navy and Air Force Hospitals.

  2. Private Hospitals

  3. Nursing Homes

  4. Heart Research Centers

  5. Health and fitness Centers

  6. Pain Clinics

The annual intake seats of Sagar College of B.Sc. Nursing is 40 seats per annum. Out of which 20% seats will be filled by Govt. through Rajasthan University of Health Sciences and rest of the 20% seats will be filled through Private Physiotherapy, Nursing & Paramedical Institutions Society of Jaipur.

Annual Intake

B.Sc. Nursing - 40 seats/year (Govt. seats - 20 and Fed. seats - 20)