Due to the lack of nurses all across the globe, there is a great demand for nurses to bridge the demand-supply gap. With the shortage of professionals, India is considered to be the right place to recruit qualified nurses as Indian schools professionally train the nurses.
International recruiters demand Indian nurses because of their ability to adapt extremely well in the different cultures. Indian nurses are considered to be diligent and responsible with good command over English language. They are also professionally qualified which provides them an edge over the other.
Offering bright future prospects and professional growth, the nursing jobs are well paid jobs as the nurses are well equipped with right qualifications and skills. Indian nurses command respect all across the globe with their abilities and skills.

Opportunities Galore:

Nursing Aids :

Known as nursing assistants, geriatric aides, unlicensed assistive personnel, or hospital attendants, perform routine tasks under the supervision of nursing and medical staff.


Home health Aides :

They help elderly, convalescent, or disabled persons live in their own homes instead of in a health facility. Under the direction of nursing or medical staff, they provide health-related services, such as administering oral medications.

Hospital Nursing:
forms the largest group of nurses and are assigned with specialized duties like taking care of patients belonging to- intensive care, pediatrics, orthopedics, psychiatry, obstetric and other sections.

Military Nursing:
Unmarried, widowed or legally separated women can opt for nursing courses imparted in military institutes. They have to sign a bond declaring their mandatory service of 5 years in the military.

Nursing comprises the largest group of people working in the health sector either as nurses or as nursing assistants. There are about 500 colleges all over India imparting education to about 10,000 students every year. The minimum age for applying for a nursing course is only 17 years which will be advantageous for people who wants to earn early in life.

Scopes in India:
With an increase in health consciousness the quality of health services has also improved. Well trained, specialized nurses are being recruited by health organizations all over the country. Students of nursing have job prospects in government or private hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, old age homes, orphanages, industries, military services, schools and various other places.

Scopes Abroad:
India has the largest number of nurses going abroad. Majority of nurses all over the world belong to the Indian state of Kerala. The standard of health services in the western countries is very high. In those countries students of nursing can find jobs in specialized fields like Medical, Surgical, Telemetry (CCU), ICU, ER and several others. The pay packet for nurses is also is higher in countries abroad.